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Our strategy

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is a financing company and provider of access to all mobility solutions in Europe which supports nearly 17 million customers. It is a committed company, which places green mobility, the energy transition, the circular economy and innovation at the heart of its model, to support its customers in 21 countries, in Europe, Morocco and China, its partners and its employees towards a prosperous and sustainable society.

A strategy that aims to support changes in consumption

  • The evolution of ownership to use

    Ecological, economical and strategic, the rental market continues to grow with rental offers and subscription offers enriched with turnkey services (repair, exchanges, recovery, etc.) to meet customer demands and provide flexibility and simplicity.

    Projections between now and 2024 show an annual growth rate of around 5%. For example, the online clothing rental market is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 10.8% between 2022 and 2029 and in the automotive market. The year 2022 confirmed the boom in rental financing. In total, rentals with purchase option (LOA) and long-term rentals (LLD) represented 51% of new vehicle sales for individuals in December 2022.

  • Acceleration of digitalization

    In recent years and particularly since the Covid-19 health crisis, sales, all products combined, have grown massively on e-commerce platforms and require offering very successful digital customer journeys to give more autonomy to the consumer while guaranteeing their safety.

    Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance has established itself as a leader in digital customer experience. For the second year in a row, the wesite received the award for best digital journey in the consumer credit category of the Google UX Benchmark 2023.

  • Convergence of credit and payments via split payments

    More and more consumers are turning to split payment, by choice or by necessity. The split payment market is growing: by 20 to 40% each year. It would even weigh between 5 and 10 billion euros in France, according to different estimates.

  • High expectations for Green and Social business

    Circular economy, energy transition of the vehicle fleet, renovation of thermal sieves... consumers are in very high demand for financing solutions that will allow them to respond to environmental challenges. In addition to support the energy transition and supporting more responsible consumption, consumers expect financial institutions to adapt to everyone's financial situations and be able to respond with inclusive offers.

  • Change in the automobile market

    The automobile market is experiencing a high concentration of manufacturers and a transition from thermal to electric engines which is generating the arrival of new entrants, specialists in electric vehicles, mainly from Asia or from the United States, and which are looking to expand in Europe.
    At the same time, dealers networks are expanding, with multiple brands and an international dimension which encourages them to find a good balance in their financing.

Becoming a European leader in green mobility

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance positions itself as a provider of access to all mobility solutions and builds a mobility continuum to meet all needs: credit, leasing, mid and short-term rental, subscription, car sharing, financial captive for manufacturers or dealers, services (charging stations, deliveries, remarketing, etc.).

The automobile industry should represent 50% of its activity by 2025, with the objective of financing 1 electrified vehicle (electric or hybrid) in 2 new ones and 1 100% electric vehicle in 3 new ones by the same deadline.

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is based on 3 pillars:

  • A complete range of rental products

    Stellantis and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance have created a joint venture specializing in multi-brand long-term rental, in which the two partners each hold 50% of the capital. It operates under the name Leasys.
    This new player specializing in long-term rental, the result of the consolidation of the activities of Leasys and Free2move Lease, manages a fleet of more than 850,000 vehicles in 11 countries. It exclusively serves the Stellantis brands on an LLD basis while benefiting from a multi-brand approach. Its ambition is to become a European leader in mobility services and aims to increase its fleet to one million vehicles by 2026.

  • A pan-European geographical footprint

    Faced with profound changes in the automotive sector as well as environmental and energy issues, the creation of CA Auto Bank, an independent player in multi-brand automobile financing, vehicle rental and mobility, constitutes a powerful lever for Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance in order to support its customers in 19 countries in Europe and Morocco, with an innovative and pan-European tool.

    CA Auto Bank aims to manage a portfolio made up of 80% new electric or hybrid vehicles by 2030. CA Auto Bank, which positions itself as the new “Mobility bank for a better planet”, intends to lead the energy transition of the automotive industry by providing access to zero and low emission vehicles to as many people as possible. It will operate in all sectors of mobility: from automobiles to two-wheelers, including leisure, boating, agricultural vehicles, light and heavy utility vehicles.

  • A catalog of complete and innovative services

    CA Consumer Finance is developing a comprehensive and ambitious service offering that it distributes under the Crédit Agricole Mobility Services brand. By 2026, more than 20 services dedicated to mobility will be offered to different customers via all the group's European entities. Seven service centers will ultimately constitute the Crédit Agricole Mobility Services catalog: guarantees, deliveries, vehicle sharing, insurance, financing, charging of electric vehicles and fleet management.

    Three centers are already active:

    • Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and Opteven, an expert in guarantees and services adapted to mobility, have agreed on a draft strategic agreement completed by the creation of a joint venture held 50-50 by the two companies. This new structure allows CA Consumer Finance to offer a warranty extension and maintenance contract offer, developed by Opteven, to its individual and professional customers in Europe. The partnership will be active in the 9 countries currently covered by Opteven, then gradually extended to other countries where Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance develops its activities.
    • By becoming the majority shareholder of Hiflow, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance now operates in the Deliveries dimension. In a rapidly changing automobile market, where the end user will become more and more central, local services at home are becoming a key link. The ambition is to strengthen the offer and continue the development of the leader in the delivery of single vehicles in 10 countries in Europe by 2026.
    • Agilauto Partage, an electric car-sharing solution aimed at rural residents and business fleets. This electric car-sharing service in rural areas was launched in the Pays de Fayence in September 2023 and will be gradually deployed in other communities in France with the support of the Crédit Agricole regional banks. Initially dedicated to individuals, associations and small businesses in rural areas, the Agilauto Partage service will also be offered to companies that wish to optimize their automobile fleet and provide their employees with a shared mobility service during and outside office hours.

    This service-oriented strategic pillar is a lever for satisfaction among end customers, a tool for strengthening partnerships with manufacturers and distributors, and a source of financial profitability.

Working every day in the interest of our customers and society

The project led by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is part of the Crédit Agricole group's purpose of “working every day in the interest of our customers and society”. In order to support the profound changes in the automotive sector, the new uses of mobility, the challenges of energy transition and banking inclusion which concern all consumers, it provides simple and relevant solutions, at the heart of daily life and the economy of the territories.

  • Accelerate our universality at the service of all with the support of the Regional Banks of Crédit Agricole and LCL

    In France, CA Consumer Finance offers solutions for individuals, businesses and professional customers of the local banks of Crédit Agricole and LCL, in particular by promoting split payment approaches for local merchants, solutions to meet the challenges of mobility and low-emission zones with Agilauto, financing solutions to adapt to the user economy…

  • Allow everyone to equip themselves responsibly and sustainably

    CA Consumer Finance encourages more responsible consumption with its partners and raises its customers' awareness of the challenges of the energy transition.

    In France, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance provides territories with concrete solutions for populations who need to travel, taking into account the new regulations in force (establishment of Low-emission zones, cessation of the sale of thermal vehicles by 2035 …):

    • Leasing from €100/month which allows as many people as possible to access new or used Crit’air 0 and 1 vehicles authorized in low-emission zones;
    • 100% electric rural car-sharing with Agilauto Partage
  • CA Consumer Finance is part of a corporate approach to commitment

    Unlike the Entreprise à Mission framework (“mission-based company”) which only exists in France, we favor a model which can be multiplied throughout Europe. The committed corporate approach places our action in the challenges of utility and ethics in the service of our customers, social and energy transitions, innovation and support for employees.