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Candidate Area

With more than 10,000 employees in 22 countries, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is one of the leading consumer credit companies and a provider for all mobility solutions in Europe. We enable customers to finance their projects with innovative, flexible solutions appropriate to their needs. At the heart of our mission, our businesses form a unique chain of know-how to serve our partners and our customers. We are committed to our employees' day-to-day development and well-being, and we help everyone to grow in their careers through adapted training and mobility plans in France and abroad.


work-study contracts for undergraduates and graduates hired in 2022


internships for undergraduates and graduates recruited in 2021


transfers made within the CA Consumer Finance group in 2020

3 good reasons to join us

A successful integration journey

  • An induction day for new hires
  • Training to get to know CA Consumer Finance and the Crédit Agricole group
  • Training courses for each business line

HR support throughout your career

  • Training appropriate to each role
  • A business university: IFCAM (Crédit Agricole Training Institute)
  • A complete career path for talented individuals: identifying young talent, training for junior managers and young managers with potential, programmes for potential senior managers, etc.

Moving within the group and internationally is simple

  • The Crédit Agricole group is established on five continents
  • Hundreds of different roles are available within the Crédit Agricole group
  • There is a dedicated internal mobility programme for international careers
  • More than 10,000 transfers are made each year within the Crédit Agricole group

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance among the best employers in the sector

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance ranks 7th among the best employers in the financial sector in France, according to Capital magazine's rankings published in January 2024.

Our roles

Whether you are a student in an internship or work-study programme, a young graduate or an experienced professional, CA Consumer Finance is hiring in many areas:

  • Sales (customer advisers and sales team managers)
  • Statistics and Big Data
  • Marketing (customer, product, digital, strategic)
  • Marketing (customer, product, digital, strategic)
  • Risk Management, Auditing, Accounting and Management Control
  • Human Resources
  • Skills / Talent development

    Our business success is driven by the commitment and expertise of all our employees. This is why we are committed to developing their skills. Our employees are specialists in the various consumer credit and customer relations businesses: sales, marketing, digital technologies, statistics, IT, etc.


    Managers at the heart of HR

    CA Consumer Finance is pursuing many ambitious projects focused on developing career paths, integration and development courses, particularly in the management and sales professions. In addition, we see human resources as a discipline to be shared with managers: they are therefore at the centre of our approach to career management,equipped with tools to help their teams evolve.


    Making transfers simple

    We strongly encourage internal mobility so that young graduates and experienced employees alike have the opportunity to develop their skills. They can choose to pursue their career at CA Consumer Finance and our subsidiaries, as well as throughout the Crédit Agricole group, in France and internationally.

  • Diversity is at the heart of our performance

    Ranked among the best employers in the financial sector by the magazines Capital in France and Focus in Germany, CA Consumer Finance is a responsible and committed employer. We are convinced that diversity is a source of motivation for our employees and fosters their commitment, which is key to our shared success.

    We value diversity and encourage it through a variety of agreements in the areas of job diversity, disability, youth employment and senior job retention.


    In 2022, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance obtained a score of 94/100 in the Gender Equality Index: a result of strong engagement translated into several concrete actions.

    About the Gender Equality Index
    The Gender Equality Index is one of the measures adopted within the framework of a specific French law for the freedom of individuals to choose their career (Loi pour la Liberté de Choisir son Avenir Professionnel). The law was promulgated on September 5th, 2018. In application of this law, the French companies with more than 50 employees are required to make public as of 1st March their overall rating, and to take corrective actions if their score is less than 75/100.

    This index allows companies to measure their progress regarding equal pay through five indicators. CA Consumer Finance achieved the highest score on 3 of these 5 indicators: the difference between individual pay rise rates, the promotion rate, and salary increases after maternity leave.

    • differences in salary: 39/40
    • individual pay rises: 20/20
    • promotion rates: 15/15
    • the percentage of employees receiving a rise when they return from maternity leave: 15/15
    • the number of women and men in the top ten wage bracket: 5/10


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