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  • 2024/03/05
  • 3 min

Wedding: a budget down 17%

Although the desire to get married remains strong for 41% of French people, this will not happen at any cost. The average budget envisaged by future newlyweds stands at €7,576 in 2024, a drop of 17% compared to our previous Sofinscope in 2022. In addition to the economic aspect, 1 in 2 couples say they are attentive to the aspect eco-responsible for your wedding. To meet these two challenges, future brides and grooms opt for different strategies, ranging from the choice of committed service providers to the use of second-hand services.
Sofinscope Wedding 2024


•    €7,576 is the average budget envisaged by the French for their wedding (-17% vs 2022).
•    They would invite on average 53 people (-5 guests vs 2022).
•    48% of women consider second hand for their wedding dress.


In 2024, the average budget for a wedding is estimated at €7,576, a significant drop of €1,312 compared to 2022. This drop is explained by the desire to organize more intimate ceremonies (65% of future married) with notably fewer guests. Couples plan to invite an average of 53 people compared to 58 in 2022. They thus wish to reduce the costs linked to the rental of the room and the catering budget.

The search for savings is also evident in other traditionally expensive expenditure items. 74% of French people say they are ready to decorate their wedding themselves and 33% of couples could organize a surprise wedding. We thus see a desire among the French to marry in a more reasonable way, without sacrificing the importance of this unique moment in their lives.

Opting for an eco-responsible wedding is becoming more possible and 37% of French people think that such an event is no more complicated to organize than a classic wedding (+6pts vs 2022). This development is consistent with growing concern for the environment. Thus, 47% of French people would take into consideration the eco-responsible nature of their wedding if it took place tomorrow in order to limit its environmental impact. More than 6 out of 10 couples (62%) indicate that they will opt for an eco-responsible venue and/or caterer and will rely on committed services favoring local and seasonal products.

Reducing the number of guests, which is justified for economic reasons, is also a choice that will reduce the carbon footprint of the wedding, by limiting transport and consumption.

At the same time, second hand is also establishing itself in wedding codes since almost half of women (48%) are considering this solution for their wedding dress, and 23% of French people are considering it for their wedding rings.

In terms of financing, personal savings remain the main source of financing for 7 out of 10 couples while 38% will opt for the flexibility of paying in installments. Help from parents and loved ones will also be favored by 37% of couples, whether it is a direct financial contribution or taking charge of certain expenses. Among the complementary solutions is also credit, considered by 1 in 5 couples.

« Our Sofinscope 2024 study on weddings highlights two strong trends: the desire for future brides and grooms to organize a more environmentally friendly event with the use of second-hand goods and committed service providers; And also the desire for a more minimalist wedding, particularly for budgetary reasons. The sector has every interest in adapting to these new trends and making the organization of an eco-responsible wedding accessible to as many people as possible.» Franck Oniga, CEO of Sofinco


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