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Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

A European leader in consumer financing

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Crédit Agricole Group’s branch specialized in consumer credit

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, launched in France with Sofinco, operates in Europe, China and Morocco offering a wide range of individual consumer credit solutions and services related to all retail distribution channels: short channel (direct sales), long channel agreements (automobile and household equipment), as well as banking partnerships.

CA Consumer Finance is also a specialist in wholesale financing for automotive business.

Working alongside major retailers and institutional clients in the 19 countries where we are present, in particular through FCA Bank, CA Consumer Finance offers flexible and responsible financial solutions to our partners needs and to their customers.

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is acting every day in the interest of its 16.7 million customers and society at large. By December 31st 2022, CA Consumer Finance was managing €103 billion of outstandings.


16.7 million


€103 billion

of managed outstandings at the end of 2022

+ 10 000


€2.1 billion

in net banking income at the end of 2022


International presence



Sofinco / Smart Conso CA &LCL 



Location: France

Managed Outstanding: 34.9 Bn€

  • Sofinco : 13.3 Bn€
  • Smart conso : 21.6 Bn€

Employees: 2 761

Location: Italy

Managed Outstanding: 15.6 Bn€

Employees: 1 966

Location: Portugal

Managed Outstanding: 3.1 Bn€

Employees: 483



Sofinco Spain


Location: Germany

Managed Outstanding: 5.6 Bn€

Employees: 600

Location: Spain

Managed Outstanding: 640 M€

Employees: 210

Location: Morocco

Managed Outstanding: 3.5 Bn€

Employees: 919


FCA Bank


Location: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland

Managed Outstanding: 24.1 Bn€

Employees: 2 546

Location: China

Managed Outstanding: 9.2 Bn€

Employees: 592


The Crédit Agricole group


Crédit Agricole’s unique customer-focused universal banking model is based on the close association between its retail banking and its specialized business lines. Together, we offer all our customers, via all channels, a complete range of banking products and services suited to their needs.


The Raison d’Être of the Crédit Agricole Group




Crédit Agricole’s end purpose is to be a trusted partner to all its customers:

  • Its solid position and the diversity of its expertise enable CA to offer all its customers ongoing support on a daily basis and for their projects in life, in particular by helping them to guard against uncertainties and to plan for the long term.
  • Crédit Agricole is committed to seeking out and protecting its customers’ interests in all it does. It advises them with transparency, loyalty and pedagogy.
  • It places human responsibility at the heart of its model: it is committed to helping all its customers benefit from the best technological practices, while guaranteeing them access to competent, available local teams that can ensure all aspects of the customer relationship.


Proud of its cooperative and mutualist identity and drawing on a governance representing its customers, Crédit Agricole:

  • Supporting the economy, entrepreneurship and innovation in France and abroad: it is naturally committed to supporting its regions.
  • It takes intentional action in societal and environment fields by supporting progress and transformations.
  • It serves everyone: from the most modest to the wealthiest households, from local professionals to large international companies. This is how Crédit Agricole demonstrates its usefulness and availability to its customers, and the commitment of its 147,000 employees to excellence in customer relations and operations.


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