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The very nature of Web is its universality.

It must be accessible to the visually impaired. In this step, Crédit Agricole S.A. involves citizens and makes a commitment to provide you with an accessible site and in compliance with the level A Simple international standards of accessibility WCAG 2.0.


Policy of accessibility

This website has been designed in respect of the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative rules.  This means that any Internet user can access its content without difficulty, including visually impaired users that require special web browsers or technical help to access web based contents.

For example, the site content is compatible with navigation tools such as text-to-speech and Braille displays, used by blind Internet users. Visually impaired users may adjust the site display to meet their needs (changing font size, colors, and contrast), and users who have lost the use of their hands may navigate without a mouse.


Browser compatibility

This site is compatible with all recent browsers supporting HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 and thus respects XHTML and CSS languages that are recommended by the W3C. Therefore, this site will offer the best of itself with the browsers of the last generations while remaining accessible (approachable) to the browsers oldest. The use of the following browsers is recommended:

  • Mac.OS.X (Macintosh operating system 10) : Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows : Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 6, HPR (Home Page Reader) 3.0
  • Linux : Mozilla Firefox, Opera  



You will find on all the pages of the site the following elements of browsing :

  • the Crédit Agricole logo allows to return to the homepage from the internal pages of the site
  • the main menu contains links to access main contents that are structured and ranked in columns
  • the internal menu is appropriate for every column or page within the site
  • breadcrumbs allows to know on which page you are located and to cross quickly at the level of browsing superior. It is present in the internal pages, just after the main menu.
  • quick access and secondary menus, go to the contents, the footer), useful in particular for the visually handicapped persons, allow to access directly the corresponding editorial zone of every page
  • the search engine, available on every page, allows a global search throughall contents of the site. The result of a search lists the pages of the site found corresponding to the search criteria.
  • priority links at the bottom of page: site map, Contact, RSS, Legal notices, Credits, Accessibility, Spaces out Suppliers.
  • the site map provides a global representation of all main sections of the site. It is available at the foot of every page below the priority links.
  • browsing with the keyboard  is also possible.


Font size

Small fonts can make reading difficult for some users. This site suggests you enlarging or reducing easily the size of the text thanks to buttons " In + " and "In" presents in the right side of the text zone of every page. If you are equipped with a mouse with thumb wheel, most browsers allow enlargement or reduction of text size by combining the thumb wheel with a touch of the keyboard:

  • Windows: Ctrl + thumb wheel of the mouse
  • Mac: apple + thumb wheel of the mouse



To print a page, go to the menu bar at the top of your browser then choose File > Print. Or simultaneously press Ctrl + P on your keyboard if you are using a PC or Cmd + P if you're using a Mac.


PDF documents available for download

You can find on this site downloadable documents in PDF; some PDFs have been the object of a particular processing so that they are accessible to the visually impaired. To read PDF documents, one should have Acrobat Reader installed on the computer.