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  • 2021/04/26
  • 5 min

On and “we are rolling out two innovations making the online experience as inclusive as possible”.

Thanks to the integration of the Acceo and Contentsquare solutions, the Sofinco and Agilauto websites are now fully accessible to customers with disabilities (the visually impaired, profoundly deaf or hard of hearing). This necessary change, brings with it an opportunity in terms of innovation and social responsibility, as Sofinco’s Digital Transformation Manager Ophélie Robin explains. [Interview]

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility has an essential part to play when it comes to inclusion, in that online services and digital content can be made fully accessible to those with disabilities.


What solutions have we put in place?

On and we have just rolled out two innovations making the online experience as inclusive as possible. Through various means of translation, Acceo puts customers who are profoundly deaf or hard of hearing directly through to a consultant either by phone or in an agency. The customer can choose from a range of means of communication, such as Instant Speech Transcription, French Sign Language Interpretation, Audio-visual speech recognition. ContentSquare on the other hand, allows for made-to-measure modification of how the site appears, using changes to text, or display (font size, colour, brightness…); and beyond handicap, any internet surfer with impaired vision has something to gain from this innovation.


What’s the link between user experience and digital accessibility?

Thanks to efficient, fluid and tailor-made digital routing, the implementation of this project aims at improving user experience and thereby improving customer satisfaction. For customers who found using our platforms a hindrance, the deployment of these solutions gives us the opportunity to answer their needs. Digital accessibility confirms our “Sofinco for Good” commitment to widening access to our services to all our customers, whatever their age, situation or disability.