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Our CA CF for Good actions

With CA CF for Good, we are confirming our vision of the future founded on shared progress and placing excellence, listening, trust and accountability at the heart of everything we do. We bring simple and appropriate solutions to market demand, in terms of new consumer habits, mobility, transition to other types of energy, inclusive banking, developing talent in all its forms…

In short, we are promoting our usefulness. For our customers, our partners and our colleagues but also for society as a whole, we are making a difference thanks to three projects which embody the raison d’être of the Crédit Agricole Group. Every day, each one of our entities is transforming our commitments into concrete actions. 



Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance proves every day the usefulness of the consumer credit business.

Xavier Musca Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance


Since its beginnings, Crédit Agricole Group’s mission has been to support the economy and to accompany its customers and partners. In a difficult context Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, its branch specialised in consumer credit, has demonstrated this capacity to react and adapt in order to remain at the forefront.

The strength of the organisation and the success of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s actions, when faced for example with the new, previously unseen and unpredictable challenges we have been confronted with, are the fruits of the commitment, the spirit of solidarity and the professionalism of all its staff; each day using their knowledge for the good of society and proving the usefulness of the consumer credit business.

This profession is at the heart of the Crédit Agricole Group universal, local banking model both in France and internationally. Thanks to its expertise and its complementarity with the Group’s other lines of business, as well as its commercial dynamism, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is contributing to the reinforcement of this model and reasserting its leadership on markets undergoing major changes.

In an ever faster changing world, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is committed to ambitious development through the Group’s Customer, Human and Societal projects, in answer to society’s greatest challenges.



We are committed to sharing progress in order to build a more responsible and sustainable future.

Stéphane Priami Chief Executive Officer of Credit Agricole Consumer Finance. Deputy General Manager of Crédit Agricole S.A. in charge of Commercial & Personal Finance


We are leaders in consumer finance. Our role is at the heart of society’s most important changes.

We have been through an unprecedented global crisis, remaining at the helm throughout and thus underlining the pertinence and the strength of our strategy. In structural terms, the transformations in consumer habits and the social change we were prepared for and digital transformation in particular, have accelerated. Once again, we rose to the challenge – together.

I want to share my feeling of immense pride in our daily commitment with each one of our colleagues.

Pride in having accompanied our customers and our partners throughout this crisis and in having supported the whole economy.

Pride in having driven forward the necessary actions to support and develop our business. The excellent results obtained over the last 18 months, made possible thanks to the commitment of our teams, are proof of the solidity of our business model. Moreover, these results underline our capacity to innovate and to respond to the needs of our customers and our partners.

And finally, pride in sharing the values of a major group such as Crédit Agricole, where the human element comes first.

And moving forward, contributing actively to shared progress, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance has undertaken a corporate strategy, called CA CF for Good, which is fully aligned with the Crédit Agricole group Project.

My desire is for this approach to guide us in all our activities, in order to build an ever more responsible and sustainable future, where the customer, people and society as a whole are at the heart of everything we do.


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Making a difference for our customers and partners by developing customer relations excellence.


Our Customer Project puts partner and customer relations excellence and satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities. Our ambition: to be no.1 in customer period after “recommendations”. Our qualities: our proven and acknowledged digital expertise and ability to innovate.




This means continuing the optimisation of our customer journey and reducing credit approval times. We propose simplified, digitalised customer journeys, synchronised with our decision-making processes (I.D verification, real-time fraud detection, electronic signatures, etc.) Agos Self in Italy for example, is a unique online loan application process for the customers of car dealers; from integrated credit simulation and contract signing, through to the uploading of supporting documentation. The result: a higher conversion rate and ultra-short approval times.

It means putting customer satisfaction at the heart of our strategy. Moreover, Sofinco also received the “Digital Happiness Index” prize, at the Contentsquare Awards in 2020 in recognition of its customer experience and satisfaction performance, following the redesign of its website. In 2020, for the second consecutive year, Credibom won the “Five Stars” prize, a recognised award in Portugal, from a jury comprised of professionals and clients alike. According to La Repubblica, Agos is one of the best consumer credit companies in Italy, obtaining top scores in all categories and receiving the highest quality score from the institution, a sign of trustworthiness for Italian consumers.



place to Credibom and Creditplus on the the Customer Recommendation Index (NPS equivalent)


of production digitised

2 Mn

loans financed by GAC-Sofinco in the 10 years since its creation

Under 15 minutes

the time to yes in some of our digital journeys with our partners (IKEA, Darty)




Since the start of 2021, the digital solution DigiConso has been rolled out across the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks and LCL. Appreciated for its user-friendliness and the smooth look and feel of the interface, this 100% digital journey for customers and advisors, boosts our capacity to give speedy credit approval to our banking partners’ customers.

Following IKEA, Apple is next in line to benefit from the new online credit application journey. Simple, ergonomic and mobilefriendly, it considerably improves the customer experience and is a sales development tool for our major partners.



It is to accompany the transformation in models of consumer behaviour and in the relationship with lending. Leasys was voted “Product of the Year” in Italy with its offer of “pay-per-use” rental Leasys Miles. The mobility entity of FCA Bank, our joint venture along with Stellantis, has rolled out a number of user solutions: CarCloud the exclusive car subscription service also available on Amazon, My Dream Garage, giving owners of the electric Fiat 500 the opportunity to rent another vehicle at any time and in just a few minutes and Leasys U Go, the first totally free, car-sharing platform for private users, developed by the company.

It means going all-in on innovation and digital solutions with the support of our own our external and internal ecosystems. With the support of I3P, the business innovation incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin, FCA Bank has launched its Digital Factory programme, as part of “Start & Pulse”, the open innovation challenge for start-ups created by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance. As a result, two start-ups were chosen for their impactful solutions in optimising the customer experience. Sofinco’s 2020 Start & Pulse competition brought to the fore an innovative I.D. verification solution that will help to continue improving digital journeys.


Smart Conso CA & LCL is the entity dedicated to the development of consumer finance at Crédit Agricole

Created on January 1st 2021, the latest addition to the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group is entirely dedicated to local Crédit Agricole and LCL banks. Its mission is to accelerate the development of consumer credit at the centre of the Crédit Agricole group by mobilising our expertise and fostering cross-synergies. is a reference in consumer credit

The mobile interface of gained the top score in its Google UX Finance benchmark category, which assesses the quality of the customer journey of 43 major banking, insurance and consumer credit players. Completely redesigned in 2020, it includes numerous innovations aimed at simplifying, safeguarding and personalising the customer journey.


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To foster the autonomy and responsibility of our employees to support activity and speed up decision-making processes.


The mission of our Human Project is to support activity and accelerate decision-making processes by involving our employees, giving them more autonomy and more responsibility in their relations with their customers. To this end, we are working on improving the experience of our employees, modernising our organisations and our management practices.


The Human Project is based on 4 principles: constantly improving colleagues’ experiences, modernising organisations, supporting leaders, experts and managers, and strengthening delegation and accountability.



is the professional equality index between women and men at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance in France


is the point Engagement and Recommendation Index score in 2022 by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance



This means evolving our managerial models towards greater autonomy and confidence, through taking initiatives. In 2020, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance defined a managerial culture common to the whole group, in order that our managers’ approaches can best respond to our business challenges: a reduction in response times and an increase in customer satisfaction, while encouraging commitment and responsibility in our colleagues. By 2022, all our managers will have been trained to drive forward our new approach. Modernisation of performance assessment and the development of a culture of feedback are also primary axes of this new business culture approach.


A new performance assessment process

Making employees more accountable for meeting their objectives by giving them an active role: this is the guiding principle of the new assessment process that is being out in all our entities in 2021. Feedback and self-assessment but also using short-term and shared objectives are just part of the actions designed to put accountability at the heart of processes better adapted to our organisations.



It signifies valuing our expertise. Credibom and Sofinco, for example, create evolving, career-building pathways in management and expert positions, giving space for talents to diversify their roles throughout their careers.

It means rethinking and simplifying our organisations, especially in terms of the reduction of the number of hierarchical levels. Objective 2022: a maximum of five hierarchical levels across the managerial range and beyond. A decision which reinforces the culture of autonomy and responsibility being driven forward in our company, allowing us to make decisions more quickly, bringing us closer to the expectations of our customers and partners.


Community of data Experts

Recognition of employees, motivating projects, training leading to improved competencies and employability… These are the objectives of the community of data experts, the number one “branch of experts”, launched in 2020 by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and the principal levers for improvement of the employee experience.



It means offering an employee experience of choice. In all our organisations, initiatives to improve the working environment and the tools we work with, strengthen diversity and inclusion and accompany and protect our colleagues are bearing fruit. In 2020, Agos joined the Institute Statista and Corriere della Sera list of nominees for the best employers in Italy. Credibom was recognised as being one of the top 30 best places to work in Portugal, according to the renowned organisation Great Place to Work®. And according to the Statista Institute and Capital Magazine, at eleventh place Sofinco ranks top for employers in banking and financial services. Finally, in 2020 Creditplus was ranked amongst the best employers for women in a survey carried out by Germany’s best-selling women’s magazine “Brigitte”.

This signifies putting diversity and inclusion at the forefront of what we do. Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is committed to diversity and this can be seen in the overwhelming success of its “Female Leadership” programmes, bringing us to 30% of women in executive committees by 2022. Agos launched its Diversity & Inclusion programme to foster professional equality at every level of its business. Our Italian branch became part of Valore D, the network of the 230 large Italian companies committed to diversity. Promoting equal opportunities also means accompanying the young in their search for employment within the difficult context of the current health crisis. For example, within the framework of Crédit Agricole’s youth strategy in France, Sofinco has doubled its workstudy and internship recruitments.


Supporting single-parent households

In France, this initiative maintains pay at 95% for 80% part-time work. Thanks to this strategy, we can support our single-parent employees, helping them to free up time to raise their children without negative impact on their salaries.


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Committing to an inclusive and sustainable society


In April 2020, the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance department for Social and Environmental Responsibility was set up to unite, coordinate and develop the actions we take to further our societal project. Today, we have a structured roadmap enabling us to accelerate our social projects, across all our markets.




It means making credit accessible to as many customers as possible, as well as protecting those most at risk. With the aim of bringing credit to those who are ordinarily excluded from it, Sofinco, Agos and SoYou have put in place special offers for the young, proposing financial solutions adapted to their needs and financial realities.

It also means raising awareness regarding money management. Money management workshops for young students are carried out by our colleagues in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Morocco and France. The goal being to give participants the tools and keys to better manage their daily budgets.

It is also committing to our staff’s professional development. In 2021, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance has bolstered its actions to promote professional equality with “Rosa Plan”, supporting women in breaking through the glass ceiling and accessing positions of responsibility.


Over 5,000 vulnerable customers have received support in France

In other words, approximately 1,400 more than in 2019. For early identification of financially vulnerable customers Sofinco has reinforced its detection tools and implemented the processes of the AAC (client support agency) across the board. The goal: to offer tailored solutions for preventing debt. The results are striking: the Banque de France recorded that the proportion of indebted customers has dropped more rapidly at Sofinco than the national average.



It signifies supporting the development of more reasoned mobility. In 2020, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance extended its partnerships with low emission car-makers: In particular, our group is partner with Tesla on the French market, Suzuki (committed to the electrification of its range) in Italy and GAC New Energy in China. On the electric 2-wheeler market, Agos, leader in motorcycle financing in Italy, has taken a strong stand by joining with Zero Motorcycles, Energica and more recently KSR, number one in electric scooters in Europe. Creditplus has partnered with Fahrrad, the number one platform for bicycle sales in Germany.

It means encouraging more reasonable consumption. Sofinco and its longstanding partner Fnac Darty have signed a distribution agreement supporting the roll-out of Darty Max, an after-sales home assistance service helping to extend the lifespan of domestic products.

It means committing to supporting renovation and improvement in energy efficiency in housing. In January 2020, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance signed the charter “Engagé pour FAIRE” (FAIRE – a French government initiative supporting energy efficiency in housing); a commitment underlining the importance of credit in financing energy transition in housing projects. In France, Sofinco proposes an offer of credit for the installation of solar panels sold by IKEA in collaboration with the French distributor Voltalia. In addition, Sofinco also benefits from a network of partnerships selling a variety of sustainable housing solutions such as heat pumps and insulation.

It signifies playing our part in reaching global carbon neutrality. In France, Italy and Germany, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance funds reforestation and biodiversity projects. In partnership with Stock CO2, a start-up specialised in managing carbon offset projects, Sofinco is co-financing the reforestation of a dying forest in the North of France. Agos has joined with Rete Clima in Italy to plant hundreds of trees in the public park Parco Nord in Milan, considered to be one of the “green-lungs” of the city. Creditplus is supporting the “Plant for the Planet” initiative, aiming at planting 1 trillion trees in the fight against global warming.



By providing support to our colleagues in their projects and efforts to help society at large. For fourteen years, Sofinco has given its support to Sidaction in collecting donations. In 2021, in a volatile public health context, our colleague volunteers gave their support from their own homes. The virtual Sofinco team switchboard was the first to take calls from the TV audiences. Launched in 2020, “l’Arrondi Solidaire” gives our employees the possibility to volunteer the monthly cents from their payslips to a charitable association, thanks to which 4,000 euros have been donated to the association “Eva pour la Vie”, giving support to research into childhood cancer. In 2021, to receive their donations our colleagues chose the association “Mon Cartable Connecté” working to give digitalised, educational support to hospitalised school-age children.


Offering our expertise

Making the first steps towards professional life

Giving our employees the chance to use their skills for the good of an association and during their working time: this is the aim of our programme of charitable actions in France. Numerous charitable missions are listed on our platform: mobility, environment, equal opportunities, return to employment etc.

In collaboration with the association “ViensVoirMonTaf”, nineteen 14 to 15-year-old pupils from the Anne Frank College in a priority education area in Roubaix France, took part in an internship discovering Crédit Agricole Group’s world of work by participating in workshops and talks on the theme of “Entrepreneurship”.


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