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CréditLift Courtage

CréditLift Courtage designs, produces and distributes innovative, attractive and responsible financing solutions for the intermediation market.

CréditLift Courtage consists of a multidisciplinary and complementary team which provides long-term active support for its customers in the marketplace.

Listening, exchange, dialogue: CréditLift targets the expectations of its customers and helps them achieve their goals. This relationship of trust enables the creation and development of innovative and high-performance credit solutions for customers.


Figures at end-2022

€625 million

in production

€2,455 billion

commercial outstandings


market share




bank transaction intermediaries


CréditLift Courtage's commitments

  • Listening to customers’ needs, custom research, managed deadlines: CréditLift guarantees excellent quality of service at all times
  • CréditLift builds its product offerings to maintain its positioning as a responsible player in terms of risk
  • CréditLift’s Partner Management teams understand the expectations and priorities of their customers. They are proactive and available to answer all questions.