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  • 2024/02/27
  • 3 min

Birth of Crédit Agricole Mobility Care Services, the joint venture of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and Opteven

• After announcing a strategic agreement in September 2023 at the IAA in Munich, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and Opteven, the European leader in service and mobility contracts, are finalizing the creation of a joint venture owned 50-50 by the two companies and called Crédit Agricole Mobility Care Services.
• This new entity allows CA Consumer Finance to offer, via all its distribution networks in Europe, a warranty extension and maintenance contract offer, developed by Opteven, to its individual and professional clients.
• For its part, Opteven is relying on this joint venture to strengthen its international development strategy and consolidate its position as leader in mobility service contracts.
• The creation of this joint venture is also part of the mobility continuum built by CA Consumer Finance to support its ambition to become a European leader in green mobility.

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and Opteven strengthen their European strategic agreement
Opteven and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance announce the birth of a joint venture specializing in automobile warranty and maintenance contracts, in which the two partners each hold 50% of the capital.

This joint venture, called Crédit Agricole Mobility Care Services, is responsible for leading and developing the partnership between CA Consumer Finance and Opteven in the countries currently covered by Opteven. It is also in charge of coordinating the efforts of the two partners for the development of products adapted to electrified vehicles in order to facilitate their appropriation.

The solutions developed by Opteven – manufacturer warranty extension, traction battery warranty extension, dealer warranty, maintenance – should gradually be distributed in other countries where the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group operates via:
• CA Auto Bank;
• Drivalia;
• Agilauto in France;
• Universal subsidiaries (Agos in Italy, Creditplus in Germany, Sofinco in Spain and Credibom in Portugal).
• And they may also be used by Leasys in certain countries, in agreement with the co-shareholder of this company: Stellantis.

Services: a major part of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s automotive and mobility strategy
This project is fully in line with CA Consumer Finance's strategy to develop its Crédit Agricole Mobility Services offering to meet the needs of all customers in the mobility rental and financing market. This strategic pillar serves Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance's ambition to become a European leader in green mobility and is the basis for building a mobility continuum.

« Our new agreement with Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is part of Opteven's strategy of international development in new markets. It will strengthen our position as leader in mobility service contracts. We are delighted with this privileged partnership that is emerging. » Jean-Matthieu Biseau, Chairman of Opteven

« The creation of a joint venture held 50-50 by our two entities illustrates the privileged partnership that we are building with Opteven and which is part of our ambition to become a leader in green mobility in Europe. This structure is an important development lever and we will gradually offer guarantee solutions in all our markets. It is also a key part of CA Mobility Services, the catalog of services that we are expanding to support our clients and offer reassurance to those who are moving towards electric mobility. » Stéphane Priami, CEO of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance.

•    Vincent Carré, Chairman
•    Marine Gouttenoire, CEO
•    Massimo Petris, CEO


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