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  • 2018/07/16
  • 3 min

Talentview develops “the applicant experience”

During the international Start & Pulse competition for innovative start-ups run by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, the Corporate Centre's decision went to Talentview, for whom the conversation is no longer about “recruiting CVs”, but “meeting applicants”.

During the Start & Pulse competition, the CA CF Corporate Centre chose to focus their call for projects on the attractiveness of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s employer brand, as well as the Group's ability to target, recruit and retain millennials. After a selection process in which HR teams were heavily involved – notably to coach the six start-up finalists (from a starting line-up of 56) – it was Talentview that stood out for the Corporate Centre.


Giving every applicant a pleasant experience

 “We started from a simple premise: that during online recruitment processes, the user experience is generally quite poor compared to what is offered, for example, by online shops,” explains Louis André, the founder and president of the Roubaix-based start-up.  “From this, we had the idea of creating what we call a “conversion tunnel” which will make the application process a pleasant one for candidates, whether that means learning more about the company that they want to apply to, or presenting themselves to the recruiter as something more than just their CV."


A video-based solution

In concrete terms, this “conversion tunnel” consists of a dedicated site with a strong emphasis on video. This is the medium used to introduce the company, as well as the recruitment manager and team, with a tone that is completely different to companies’ usual introductory videos. All applicants are also invited to upload a one-minute video pitch to introduce themselves, and give recruiters more information about their application.

As for HR departments, they will have a tool which they can use to create fully-configurable recruitment campaigns, promote them on over 1,000 job sites, and manage all applications centrally.

Logically, CA Consumer Finance has decided to engage Talentview’s services for their own recruitment needs, first for a Proof of Concept phase in France (apprenticeship applicants have been able to apply via the “conversion tunnel” set up by the start-up since the end of April), and later in other countries, where millennials will no longer be its sole target audience.