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  • 2019/02/01
  • 5 min

U-Go by Leasys is here

The first Italian peer-to-peer car sharing platform by a long-term car rental company is launched.

Leasys, the Group’s long-term car rental company, makes peer-to-peer car sharing solutions available to its private customers. U-Go also provides an innovative twist, as it expands the vehicle offering to Winrent’s, the short-term car rental company recently acquired by Leasys.

U-Go by Leasys is a market place putting in contact on one side Leasys and FCA Bank customers, who rented or purchased a car with full insurance coverage (U-GO Players), and on the other, individuals who do not own a vehicle yet seek occasional and short—time mobility solutions at an affordable price (U-Go Users). The service is proposed to Leasys clients who would like to defray their vehicle related costs while they do not use it.

The platform invites Players to enter their vehicle information and the period it is available for. Users search vehicles according to their mobility needs. Both parties can registrate for free before any transaction occurs.

In addition to the vehicles shared by private users, U-Go by Leasys also includes Winrent’s short-term rental solutions. The Winrent vehicles are then available on the platform at specific rates, allowing U-Go to extend its supply and extensively meet the demand for various types of vehicles across the whole country.

The full insurance coverage included in the cars of Leasys and FCA Bank customers is a strong guarantee for peace of mind among U-Go users.

Moreover, the attractive platform provides social features and the means for creating an active community, as it introduces direct users’ feedback and reviews, resulting in rewards and online reputation building.