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  • 2018/05/01
  • 3 min

Leasing to provide a boost for the automotive market

Access to consumer credit - helped by the economic recovery of the past few years - puts leasing options such as Leases with Option to Purchase in the spotlight.


After a 10-year slump and record low in 2013, the European automotive market saw a clear upturn in 2017. Up 3.4% compared to 2016, it once again reached 2007 levels, with 15 million new vehicle registrations over a 12-month period*. Even so, these positive results hide a number of regional disparities, such as the UK recording a drop of 5.5% and the opposite being true in Italy, where sales rocketed by almost 8%. This overall upturn is due in no small part to the explosion of Leases with Option to Purchase, in the face of a downward trend of people resorting to personal loans despite consumer credit levels remaining high: a 26.2% increase over the year for leasing, with overall finance standing at over €6.5 billion**. This means that, in 2017, leasing options represented 74% of new car finance agreements outside of personal loans**.


Offering all the benefits of using a car without the inconvenience of owning one, leasing addresses the changing expectations of consumers looking for integrated solutions. From cost planning to replacing the vehicle, taking care of repairs and no taxes to pay, these options are proving very attractive to motorists looking to enjoy all the benefits of a new vehicle long-term, without the fuss.


To respond to these growing needs, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance has extended its leasing solutions in several countries worldwide. This is particularly reflected in its partnerships with established players, dealerships and manufacturers in the automotive market (Jaguar & Land Rover, Honda Motorcycle & Power Equipment, etc.), as well as new emerging distributors. Using this network, CA Consumer Finance offers its car finance solutions to Reezocar customers in France, which specialises in selling second-hand vehicles online, as well as those of Alibaba in China, and Avito in Morocco. 

We are constantly looking to innovate, with original, enhanced solutions that are more adapted to new consumer uses - for example with our Italian subsidiary Leasys, which has set up a Be Free transport solution on Amazon: customers order a car online, enjoy a comprehensive package that includes insurance, assistance and maintenance, and can return the vehicle whenever they want after thirteen months!



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