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  • 2020/03/10
  • 5 min

Spain: A successful start for SoYou, the joint venture between CA Consumer Finance and Bankia

After obtaining its banking licence last October, SoYou started its activities in Spain at the beginning of 2020. The company is developing a full range of services on the fourth largest market in the Euro zone, based on innovative, digital solutions and a promise: security, transparency and simplicity.

SoYou is initially focusing on point-of-sale financing, both for new and used vehicles and for consumer goods (electronics, furniture) as well as certain services. The personal loan offer will be launched in a second phase.


"To achieve our objectives - to become the benchmark for consumer finance in Spain - we are relying on the respective strengths of our two co-shareholders, Bankia and CA Consumer Finance. Bankia brings its in-depth knowledge of the Spanish market, while CA Consumer Finance gives us the full benefit of its expertise in consumer credit. These are solid assets to support our partners in Spain."

Pierre Adam CEO of SoYou

Already more than 1,000 customers


"Since our launch, we already have more than 1,000 customers."

Franck IJntema Chief Commercial Officer of SoYou

SoYou has also signed some important partnerships, notably with Endesa, one of the country's main electricity suppliers.

SoYou has placed customers at the heart of its strategy with a customer relationship based on security, transparency and simplicity. "70% of Spanish people are afraid to apply for a loan because they don’t understand the terms and conditions. SoYou is a finance provider that explains everything clearly and spares the customer any complex or technical vocabulary," promises the site. An objective which is confirmed by Pierre Adam:


"We want to make consumer credit clear and transparent, easy to understand, simple to apply for and to manage.”