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  • 2020/04/27
  • 5 min

Covid-19: CA CF group entities fully engaged for our customers and our partners

All CA CF teams throughout the group are committed to maintaining proximity with our customers and partners, offering them specific solutions in light of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In France, Sofinco continues to reach out and accompany customers and partners. The Personal Financing department provides specific support to customers online as well as promoting more flexible measures.

In Italy, the most affected country in Europe, Agos has made it a priority to respond quickly to the numerous requests from its customers in difficulty. To do so, our Italian entity has adapted its organisation to the changing context, strengthening back-office structures and the Customer Network in order to manage efficiently the influx of requests. Their mobilisation enables the company to work in the interest of their customers with adapted solutions suited to their economic situation.

FCA Bank in Italy and Germany continues to support its clients and their projects with solutions adapted to the crisis. For instance, purchasing a vehicle in the distribution network of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is also made simple thanks to a digitalised customer journey and dedicated technology from the start of the relationship, during sales and throughout the life cycle.

In Germany, to help car dealerships get through this difficult period, Creditplus is also offering more flexibility with the help of a robot. Adapted in record time, Roberta the robot handled over 30,000 files during the launch week. Next step: extending capacity even further for individual customers.

In Portugal, Credibom has also deployed dedicated support measures for car dealers. Equipped with a 100% digital customer journey, Credibom guarantees business continuity at the service of its customers and partners.

100% digital and 100% human is also the goal in Morocco, where Wafasalaf has developed an online and SMS customer journey to protect and support its customers and employees. The company's teams are also available to respond attentively, by telephone, to customers whose requests cannot be processed online.

Finally, in the Netherlands, CA CF NL has set up a special number for customers affected by the Covid-19 crisis. The objective: to offer solutions adapted to each situation and to strengthen proximity.


All these measures taken by our different entities in the group illustrate our goal to be useful to our customers and our partners, to ensure continuity and to be ready for the end of the crisis and the return to full business activity.