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  • 2019/07/05
  • 3 min

Chargemap partners with Sofinco for a smooth transition to electricity

What if the decision to buy an electric vehicle was easier? Sofinco, the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance brand in France, is partnering with Chargemap, a Strasbourg-based start-up specialising in electric mobility, to offer consumers an all-in-one solution: by taking out an electric car loan with Sofinco, a Chargemap Pass is available.

In order to foster its customers to adopt the 100% electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, Sofinco has approached Chargemap and offers, for any new financing of a Car Personal Loan, a Chargemap Pass, a solution for accessing charging stations without a subscription.

With the development of the electric vehicle, more and more charging station networks are emerging all over Europe. To access them, since June 2017, Chargemap has been offering an access and payment solution to enable the recharging of its vehicle on a multitude of charging networks. This solution is available in the form of an RFID (radio frequency identification) badge and is called Chargemap Pass. To support neophytes, Chargemap even offers a Recharge Guide for each Chargemap Pass ordered.

This partnership illustrates CA Consumer Finance's commitment to offer solutions designed to support its customers as closely as possible to their needs and to protect the environment.


Since 2011, Chargemap has been identifying and localizing, through a website and mobile application, all charging stations in a collaborative way. Thus, the user community can add any type of information (such as terminal type, available connectors, address, some photos, and even comments!) and finally find the one that best suits each need.

The Chargemap Pass, a solution without commitment or subscription, is compatible with more than a hundred networks in France and Europe.

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