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  • 2019/05/20
  • 5 min

Agos presents Realize, a digital magazine dedicated to changes in society and new trends in consumption

Thanks to this project, the financial company is the first to move among the players of consumer credit with a brand journalism product at the service of users.


Realize is the new Agos digital magazine designed to tell the small and big changes that are transforming society and the impact they have on consumption and consumers.

A rich and dynamic editorial plan that will aim to address the role of consumer credit in its broadest and noblest sense: not only a product offered to the public to spread the cost of their purchases over time but also support for budget management to achieve projects for individuals and families, as well as a tool at the service of the most diverse product sectors to support production and consumption even in times of limited economic growth.

The magazine is divided into five macro categories (Money, Education, Psychology, Life Cycle, Inno Tech) which, through the testimony and contribution of representatives of the economic, academic and cultural world, as well as experts within Agos, will tell the evolution of the world of consumption in terms of sustainability, understanding the dynamics of spending and debt, psychology, new models of consumption and consumers, safety and technological innovation.


"The digital and technological revolution that has overwhelmed us in recent years, now embraces all our daily lives, the entire world of consumption and consumers, and requires us to adapt communication tools to a 3.0 model, hence the idea of Realize, a magazine with which we are the first to move among the players in consumer credit and pioneers in brand journalism to strengthen our identity positioning on issues that are most sensitive to us: an ever-increasing interaction with our customers, employees and partners to strengthen in a consistent and determined way the values of transparency, trust and professionalism that we have always pursued. Realize therefore has the ambition to be a service product for users, so that they become responsible consumers."

Dominique Pasquier CEO of Agos

Among the many contributors to the digital magazine are Sergio Veroli, President of Consumers' Forum, Beatrice Rubini, Director of CRIF's Mister Credit line, Sandro Castaldo, Professor of Economics and Business Management at Bocconi University, Remo Lucchi, President of the advisory board of Eumetra MR, and many others, including consultants, experts and observers on the world of consumption and consumers, such as Assofin and Reputation Institute.

Led by Agos, the project was carried out with Lob Pr + Content, the Media Relations and Content Marketing agency that designed the digital magazine and manages its content production.