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  • 2019/09/11
  • 3 min

Wafasalaf employees are committed to Moroccan youth

Several Wafasalaf employees commit each year to young Moroccans via the association Injaz Al Maghrib. Objective: to create a new generation of entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at this investment initiated in 2008.

Since 2008, several employees of Wafasalaf have devoted part of their working time to supporting and assisting young Moroccans in their school careers. Each year, they provide more than 1,000 hours of supervision and after-school support to middle school, high school and university students, in partnership with the Injaz Al Maghrib association

Created in 2007, this association, which is recognized as a public utility, mobilizes the private sector among young people to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs. The objective is to provide young people with knowledge and tools that promote their employability, develop their self-confidence and initiative, and support them in the launch of their projects. Ultimately, help them find their place in a constantly changing world.

In this sense, several training programmes are offered by Injaz. Designed by experts from Junior Achievement Worldwide, the world leader in entrepreneurship education, they are adapted to the Moroccan context, leading students to create a junior company, master the basics of finance or prepare for the challenges of working life. During the 2018-2019 school year, Wafasalaf volunteers worked on three programmes:

  • “It's my business”, which aims to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in young people from junior high school onwards. Examples of entrepreneurs and business success stories are presented through games, quizzes and auctions, allowing students to understand the key factors for the success of an emerging project.
  • Steer your career”, which helps university students to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the professional and entrepreneurial world, as well as those useful in finding and keeping a job. 
  • Company Programme”, the flagship Injaz programme run by the university. It supports students in the creation of micro-companies throughout the year and ends with a series of international competitions (13 countries in competition) in the presence of personalities from the world of business and education.



Thanks to skills sponsorship, Wafasalaf also provides Injaz with the know-how of two employees, one treasurer and one seconded on mission within the association, for a total duration of 1,972 effective hours.

As a long-standing partner of Injaz Al Maghrib, Wafasalaf has been committed to strengthening its involvement over the years. Ambassadors are responsible for recruiting and mobilizing volunteers within the company, increasing their number from two in 2008 to about thirty today. The company was also on the association's side in 2017 to celebrate its 10th anniversary: nearly 100,000 young people have benefited from its programs since its creation.