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  • 2019/04/18
  • 5 min

The CA Consumer Finance code of conduct – a strong protection for our customers, partners and employees

First put in place at the end of 2018, the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Code of conduct is more than a simple charter – it is a guide to the procedures and best practices in place within our company. Clear and accessible to all, it covers four themes, divided into 28 chapters.
Its aim is to address and meet society’s expectations and new regulations. It protects customers, our service providers and our employees. It allows us to act in line with the social environment in which we work by respecting all of our stakeholders.


Reflecting the Crédit Agricole group’s ethical charter, which CA Consumer Finance has followed since May 2017, the Code of conduct sets out our commitments in four major areas: relationships with our customers, relationships with our service providers, compliance with competition law, and finally, fight against corruption.


Our commitment to our customers means taking a long-term view of customer relationships, ensuring they are always in customers’ interest and maintaining close relationships of trust with them to make sure that they are entirely satisfied and able to exercise their rights. As such, we are committed to giving them the best advice on how to achieve their goals, but also to preventing the risk of over-indebtedness and to supporting them through difficult times.

Our commitment in how we work with our service providers means first and foremost ensuring that they comply with regulations and that they meet the ethical principles that we share. It also means treating them fairly as we begin working with them and choosing them based on objective criteria to prevent conflicts of interest. We strive to take a systematic approach to calls for tenders for services of all kinds, and ensure that our service providers obey the legal framework under which they operate.

Respect for competition law means ensuring that we are entirely independent when making and implementing strategic decisions. It means applying strict rules for protecting sensitive data and information and not coming to understandings with competitors. In this way, we also protect our customers’ interests.

Finally, our commitment to the fight against corruption doesn’t just mean applying the principle of zero tolerance to our employees – it also means informing them and making them aware of risky situations in order to protect them. This principle results in constant vigilance and precise procedures that everyone is aware of. We apply the same rules in our recruitment processes.


Requiring the involvement and support of all of our employees on a daily basis, the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Code of conduct is in place within the various entities of our group.