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  • 2019/04/05
  • 3 min

Professional diversity: achieving more fairness between men and women

In 2018, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance obtained 93/100 in the gender equality wage index. This is the result of strong commitment, applied in a number of concrete actions.

For several years now, CA Consumer Finance has committed to a proactive approach in favour of gender diversity and professional equality. In 2010, the group signed the national Diversity Charter, which aims to promote respect for diversity in management and career advancement. Since then, agreements have been signed and actions carried out to build up diversity on a daily basis throughout the group. 


Initiatives in favour of diversity

A number of initiatives have flourished recently, including for instance the "women's leadership [Leadership au Féminin]" programme. Established in 2013 as part of the group's gender balance policy, this programme aims to encourage the appointment of women to managerial positions. Every year for the past six years, CA Consumer Finance manager-mentors have been working with a dozen women for periods of six to nine months, discussing together topics such as personal development, career plan and networking - all topics that foster the professional development of women in business.


"All together, we must make sure that 2019 is a year in which these achievements are consolidated and built upon. We must ensure that the policies in favour of diversity are translated into concrete actions throughout all departments"

Cédric Postel-Vinay Human Resources Director for the Group

A commitment that is paying off

In order to combat unfair treatment between men and women, the French government has put in place the gender equality wage index, which has three objectives: to observe remuneration discrepancies as well as their causes; to suggest a simple approach for all companies; and to encourage transparency by publishing the index findings.

This index is based on five criteria: differences in pay, individual raises and promotions, the percentage of female employees raised upon their return from maternity leave, and the number of women and men in the top ten highest pay brackets.

The 1,400 French companies with over 1,000 employees had to make public on 1 March 2019 their overall score, and undertake corrective actions if it was below 75/100.

With 93/100, CA Consumer Finance obtained the maximum score on three of the five indicators, namely the difference in the rate of individual raises, the difference in the rate of promotions, and raises to women upon their return from maternity leave.


"This score is the result of our proactive group's approach to gender balance. Diversity is an opportunity for us all, and we must play a part in it"

Nathalie Michel Head of the remuneration policy in France