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  • 2019/02/18
  • 5 min

Cybersecurity, a fundamental issue that concerns us all

A conference about cybersecurity has been held at Gaïa, the campus of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance in the Paris region. More than one hundred employees took part in this event on a topical issue.

The exponential development of connected tools and object involves continuous exchanges of data, increasing vulnerability to cyberattacks. Every month sees at least one example of data fraud hitting the headlines, with the victims being companies, internet giants or even governments in some cases.

Data are key to corporate development, so cybersecurity is vital in protecting digital resources from malicious intent. Whether we’re talking about phishing, viruses, password hacking, data theft/destruction or fraud, the risks are many and difficult to prevent. And they concern us all.

At CA Consumer Finance, the role of the Group Information Systems Security team is to prevent risks and protect digital resources. In liaison with the Crédit Agricole Group, the team are using an increasingly variety of resources to protect infrastructure, tools and data ranging, in particular, from the deployment of antivirus software to data encryption on workstations.

Precautions must also be taken when using web apps, particularly services that store data or interact with information systems. Reliable alternatives are deployed internally, for transferring large files, for example. And for all corporate projects developed internally or externally, employees receive support in managing security aspects.

In short, cybersecurity is a major everyday concern for all those working on Information Systems Security. Drawing upon a wide variety of methods and tools, they are dedicated to protecting digital resources more effectively, day by day. However, cybersecurity also requires collective awareness, high standards of individual behaviour and continuous vigilance. These are essential factors for limiting exposure to risks.