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  • 2019/09/05
  • 5 min

Agos4green: Agos rewards ecological behaviours

Agos rewards customers who choose to buy an electric or a hybrid car. This approach is part of "FReD", the programme aimed at improving the Crédit Agricole Group's Social Responsibility.


Until December 31, 2019, many green rewards are available for customers who purchase an electric or a hybrid car with Agos financing (minimum amount of €10,000). These rewards can be vouchers for ecological stays or products which are manufactured in an environment friendly way.

"With these initiatives, we want to encourage the purchase of low-emission cars. We are ready to invest in the future with sustainable projects. We are strongly committed to the environment," said Guido Rindi, Customer Director of Agos.

Promoting an approach geared towards sustainable development is fully in line with the objectives of "FReD", a programme created to support, promote and strengthen Crédit Agricole Group's Social Responsibility approach. In this regard, sustainable development is a key element of its strategy and one of the pillars of its new Mid-Term Plan.