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  • 2019/05/24
  • 3 min

325 employees from Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance take part in the AIDS charity “Sidaction” fundraiser

On 5-6 April, to mark the 12th year of its partnership with Sidaction, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance helped the charity raise €105,201 in pledges to support the fight against AIDS.


A total of 325 volunteers from CA Consumer Finance took part in the event using the company's telephone switchboard in Massy and at its site in Roubaix and Rouen in order to collect pledges from television viewers. In addition to the time and effort invested by its volunteers, CA Consumer Finance agreed to further help the charity by donating €10 for every hour of volunteering.

Over the two days of the event, employees from CA Consumer Finance made a major effort, working a total of 541 hours, including selling goodies. As a result, the total donation from CA Consumer Finance towards Sidaction is €7,000, adding up to the €105,201 received in pledges by the volunteers.

CA Consumer Finance is proud of the effort made by its employees. On the various telephone switchboards, the dedication and enthusiasm were palpable. All donations will be paid to Sidaction to help it in the fight against AIDS.