As part of its policy of diversifying its funding sources and funding more business from internal resources, CA Consumer Finance uses various refinancing instruments including securitisation, repos, certificates of deposit and MTNs, and has recently developed a deposit-taking through Internet business.

  • Securitisation is now a major source of external financing for CA Consumer Finance. Its first securitisation deals were in Italy more than 10 years ago with FCA Bank and Agos Ducato, and it has used this refinancing technique in France in 2009, the Netherlands in 2010 (with CACF NL), Germany in 2011 (with CreditPlus Bank) and more recently in China in 2014.
  • Repo transactions help to strengthen the Group's liquidity in a secure manner, and particularly involve sales of securities resulting from securitisation deals.
  • In France, CA Consumer Finance issues short-term certificates of deposit, along with BMTNs (medium-term negotiable debt securities). In Italy, FCA Bank issues MTNs (medium-term notes).
  • The Group became a deposit-taker in Germany in 2011, where CreditPlus Bank initially attracted institutional deposits. This business has been completed by CACF France with the marketing of terme deposit to retail customers in Germany, Austria and Spain.




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