Ratings given to

CA Consumer Finance Standard and Poor's Fitch Ratings
Long term rating A A+
Short term rating A-1 F1
Outlook Positive Stable
Last update 25/10/2017 14/12/2017
FCA BANK SpA Standard and Poor's Moody's Fitch Ratings
Long term rating BBB Baa1 BBB+
Short term ratingShort term rating A-2 P-2 B
Outlook Stable Stable Stable
Last update 31/10/2017 09/12/2017 23/05/2017
AGOS DUCATO Fitch Ratings
Long term rating A-
Note court terme F1
Outlook Stable
Last update 31/05/2017


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Please use the above mailbox for queries about Bank Refinancing only.

For queries concerning consumer credit, please contact the entity with which you wish to subscribe or subscribed a loan.