Web accessibility policy

This website has been designed following the guidelines provided in the French government's web accessibility circular (Référentiel Général d'Accessibilité pour les Administrations), and incorporates the most recent recommendations (WCAG 2.0). It is therefore accessible to all users, including the elderly and disabled persons with functional handicaps.
Accessibility-compliant websites help everyone to use the Internet. The benefits include:

  • logical organisation and ranking of site content
  • faster page loading (between 30% and 80%)
  • browser independence

Navigation principles

All pages include the following navigation functions:

  • The Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance logo, which takes users back to the homepage ;
  • Breadcrumb trails that show users what page they're on and help them move quickly to the next navigation level ; 
  • Main and secondary menus showing key items of content ;
  • Quick links at the top of each page (e.g. “go straight to content”), which are especially useful for the visually impaired.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • 0 : Accessibility
  • 1 : Home
  • 2 : News
  • 3 : Contact
  • 4 : Search
  • 5 : Sitemap

The key combinations may vary according to the browser:



  • Internet Explorer: [ALT] + [keyboard shortcut] + [ENTER]
  • Mozilla Firefox: [ALT] + [keyboard shortcut]
  • Opera 7: [SHIFT] + [ESC] + [keyboard shortcut]


  • Internet Explorer: [CTRL] + [keyboard shortcut] + [ENTER]
  • Mozilla Firefox & Safari 1.2: [CTRL] + [keyboard shortcut]
  • Opera 7: [SHIFT] + [ESC] + [keyboard shortcut]


  • Mozilla Firefox: [SHIFT] + [keyboard shortcut]
  • Opera 7: [SHIFT] + [ESC] + [keyboard shortcut]

Font size

Some users may find small fonts hard to read. This site has been designed so that the font size can be easily changed. Depending on your browser :

  • Internet Explorer : On the toolbar, choose the Page button, and then choose Text Size.
  • Mozilla Firefox : To set a minimum font size, go to Firefox > Preferences, select the Content panel, and click the Advanced button in the Fonts & Colors section. You can specify a minimum font size from the dropdown menu.
  • Opéra : Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Fonts
  • Safari: Go to Preferences > Appearances > Choose the “Select” button and click to select font and size.

If you use a scroll-wheel mouse, you can increase the font size with a key/wheel combination on most browsers.

  • Windows: [CTRL] + scroll wheel up or down ;
  • Mac: Command/Apple key + scroll wheel up or down (or +/-)

The T- and T+ tools also allow you to change the font size of the main content on the inside pages.

Browser compatibility

This site is compatible with all recent browsers using HTML 4.01 and CSS 2; it also respects HTML and CSS grammar and vocabulary supported by W3C. Display may be poorer on very old-generation browsers, but this will not affect information accessibility.

If, despite this, you have an accessibility problem when browsing, please contact us so that we can solve the problem quickly.