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CA CF for Good

The promise of shared progress

There are profound changes taking place in our working methods and consumption patterns. These changes lead us to question our role in society. As a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Group, we are committed to « working every day in the interest of our customers and society”.

For CA Consumer Finance, this means leveraging an approach of shared progress. This means actively contributing to the common good. Setting a course and guiding all CA Consumer Finance activities through this approach. Such is the meaning of CA CF for Good.

CA CF for Good: a vision and a label that highlights our main actions at the service of the Crédit Agricole’s Group Project

What is progress for a leading consumer finance provider? How is our group positioning itself in its markets and in society? What does this mean for our customers? For our employees?

CA CF for Good outlines the strong commitments that we put forward in our strategic project. Customers and partners’ satisfaction, employees’ development and positive impact on society are the cornerstones. CA CF for Good sets out both the vision we have of our business, and the label that will mark our concrete achievements.

CA CF for Good: we are all agents of progress

Our commercial entities work every day to be useful to their stakeholders. Improving customer service, promoting energy transition, contributing to the well-being of our employees, all our brands compete with one another with clever initiatives that converge towards the same objectives. CA CF for Good is our common standard, available in all our markets.


Our 3 projects


Customer Project: Our priorities for our customers and partners

  1. Developing relational excellence
  2. Demonstrating our speed of execution
  3. Zero paint points in our customer’s experience
  4. Being a key digital player

Our aim is having the best “time to yes” and the best customer experience on the market. We need to meet expectations in a way that is simple, committed and effective. We owe our customers more than just financing solutions, we owe it to them to listen and understand their needs, to show kindness in all stages of the relationship and to offer them the best of our digital innovations. All to make it easier for their to carry out their projects and help them through their transitions.


Human Project: Our priorities for our employees 

  1. Empowering employees and fostering autonomy
  2. Modernising our organisations and encourage transversal cross-functional approach
  3. Supporting our employees in their development and becoming an employer of choice

It is about creating, together with our employees, a workin experience that is fulfilling and achieves results for everyone. We encourage autonomy and delegation in the way we work. We promote personal initiative and trust. We accompany everyone's career development. It is about makin a cross-functional appraoch a key driver of development and problem solving. Creating optimum working conditions, living and making progress together as an employer of choice.


Societal Project : Our priorities for society  

  1. Being an inclusive bank
  2. Fostering energy transition
  3. Committing to society 

It is about asserting  our desire to act and play our part in making progress in society. Engaging collectively and reducing our impact on the environment in terms of our own activities and the work we do with our partners. As a consumer finance specialist, we provide support with the energy transition of housings and with the development of new mobility. Commitment means allowing easier access to credit and stronger protection for the most fragile populations. Commitment means encouraging the individual involvement of CA Consumer Finance employees in our social initiatives.

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