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CA CF 2020 strategic plan

CA CF 2020, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance's strategic plan, is at the heart of the guidelines and objectives of "Strategic Ambition 2020", Crédit Agricole group's medium-term plan, and its Customer Project.

Digital technologies and innovation are at the heart of CA CF 2020 for the benefit of its customers, its banking partners, car manufacturers, and distributors, as well as its employees.

Five strategic dimensions

By making its expertise more widely available to Crédit Agricole group's local banks, CA Consumer Finance helps them better meet customers' expectations in terms of consumer credit.

Strengthening synergies with the Crédit Agricole group's local banks in France, Italy and Morocco is a priority objective of CA Consumer Finance. Its mission is to support these banks in becoming a leader in the consumer credit market.


CA Consumer Finance is placing its clients at the heart of its strategy and work. This is why the group is developing innovative products and solutions adapted to new consumer trends. By capitalising on its digital transformation and leveraging data, CA Consumer Finance personalises its relationships with its customers, offers them the best experience and increases their satisfaction.


Providing support to CA Consumer Finance's partners, be they car manufacturers or distributors, is part of its DNA. Today, car financing accounts for 45% of CA Consumer Finance's outstanding debts. CA CF 2020 aims to consolidate its leading position in this market.

CA Consumer Finance also strengthens its partnerships in the sales and e-commerce sector.


CA Consumer Finance is working to diversify its business with low asset-consuming revenues, including insurance. It will improve the profitability of its weighted commitments and keep its autonomous refinancing greater than or equal to 70%. It will continue to reduce expenses. Finally, it will continue to invest in information systems and in digital by allocating €240 million over four years.


By bringing together its Ile-de-France employees on a single site in Massy, CA Consumer Finance has built a headquarters that reflects its ambition in terms of modernity and close relationships between employees. It provides a stimulating workplace that allows it to leverage the company's values on a daily basis (innovation, closeness, commitment, team spirit) and to develop agile working methods to serve its customers and partners.

Meanwhile, CA Consumer Finance builds on the results of employee satisfaction surveys to ensure that employees are developing and to increase their commitment. It is strengthening its commitment to preventing over-indebtedness and improving financial education, and it is developing its CSR approach with actions to support innovative ecosystems and start-ups. For example, November 2017 saw the first pan-European start-up competition organised by CA Consumer Finance. The goal: to have young innovative companies work on solving specific business problems. The winners received an endowment and were able to start developing innovative solutions funded by CA Consumer Finance.

At the same time, CA Consumer Finance takes advantage of its location in the Paris-Saclay area and tightens its links with innovative ecosystems.


In line with Crédit Agricole group's positioning, our ambition is to make CA Consumer Finance a 100% digital and 100% human company.

Being 100% digital means optimising our customer journey and improving the user experience, leveraging the potential of data and responding to new consumer trends.

Being 100% human means taking care of our customers and our employees as well as placing our customer advisor at the heart of our multi-channel distribution model

Philippe Dumont Chief Executive Officer of CA Consumer Finance