Point-of-sales financing and Partnerships

Partners facing a broad range of challenges

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is a partner to home equipment providers, specialist distributors and Crédit Agricole retail banking networks and has developed close working relationships providing specialist advice and customised solutions.

Aligned to the specific sales models of its partners, CA Consumer Finance provides them with a range of products and services (e-commerce, in-store, etc.) (e-commerce, in-store, etc.)

Innovation is therefore a priority for CA Consumer Finance, as it anticipates customer needs with products reflecting their lifestyles, e.g. an easy-to-use digital application and acceptance process for tablets designed in conjunction with a leading brand of hi-tech products for in-store sales of its products in France, Italy and Germany.

CA Consumer Finance offers the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks and LCL in France, Cariparma in Italy and Crédit du Maroc in Morocco the powerful technical and marketing systems they need to boost customer take-up of financing.


In Italy, Agos and Cariparma signed a new distribution agreement. Agos contributes its expertise in sales and marketing promotion, product innovation and distribution. Cariparma brings to the partnership its strength in distribution, with its network of 806 Cariparma, FriulAdria and Carispezia agencies.

CreditPlus Bank, German CA Consumer Finance Business Unit launched a car leasing offer for its partner Suzuki in 2015.


The power of a multichannel experience

When it comes to personal loans, consumers compare the full range of offers available on their smartphones, tablets and the Internet as part of the buying process. CA Consumer Finance develops its innovative solutions by building them jointly with its partners. Its in-house teams train sales people in the special features of consumer credit, and support them as they implement their own sales systems.

This unique level of multichannel expertise is just one of CA Consumer Finance’s strengths.


  • More than 28,000 digital finance agreements for a partner brand’s hi-tech products in France in 2014.

  • 100,000 car loan quotes produced by dealerships using the dedicated ‘c-ready’ app in France in 2014. This smartphone app also enables the sales force to access directly all CA Consumer Finance products and services.

  • In France, customers applying for credit on www.sofinco.fr website, have now the possibility to live chat with a consumer adviso when finalizing their on-line application. The "Click to chat" device allows Sofinco team to support customer, in a reactive and personalised way.