An innovative approach to distribution

CA Consumer Finance operates through every distribution channel, from direct sales to point-of-sale finance, e-commerce and partnerships. CA Consumer Finance is seizing new challenges and opportunities offered by digital technology to develop a more personalised and interactive relationship with our customers. Consistent with its commitment to innovation, CA Consumer Finance is accelerating digitalisation, and already offer its customers many innovative and efficient resources, including e-statements, digital applications and acceptances, and electronic signatures.


The solution developed for our partner La Redoute received a marketing innovation award in 2014

  • Around 12 million e-statements were sent to customers in 2014.

In France, CA Consumer Finance is the first credit institution to offer its partners and their customers a card which can be activatediIn just a few minutes in complete safety.CA Consumer Finance and Oberthur have concluded a new partnership to launch a service which enables PIN codes to be securely delivered via SMS to cardholders. It will allow them to use their card as soon as they receive it.