Our commercial brands' new identity

The visual identity of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s brands in Europe converge

26 September 2017, the Sofinco brand’s new identity marks the start of the convergence of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s brands new identity in Europe.


In a global and digital world, there are no more borders. As an international company which has made digital transformation its priority, CA Consumer Finance has fully taken this on board. For this reason, we have made the convergence of our business brands identity one of the key aspects of CA CF 2020, our strategic plan”, explained CA Consumer Finance’s CEO Philippe Dumont.  

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance's brands are being harmonised around a strong, easily recognisable identity and will be adopting a common tagline underpinning their vision of the market and meeting consumers' expectations for simplicity, efficiency and flexibility. 


A single logo, a single tagline


The “O” shared by the new logos of CA Consumer Finance’s European brands represents an “on” button, which symbolises the start of a new project. The red “swoosh” symbolises validation and security, its movement from inside to outside representing an escape from the circle of routine. The underlining, an aspect borrowed from digital language, represents an enhanced life, highlighting projects and plans. 


The new Sofinco brand platform 



This brand platform – logo, tagline, graphical identity, advertising spots – will be adopted by CA Consumer Finance’s other brands in Europe – Agos in Italy, CreditPlus in Germany, Credibom in Portugal and Findio in the Netherlands - over the coming months 


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