Financing solutions for individual customers


Financing solutions for individual customers




Tailor-made solutions for your projects

Customised innovative solutions, proximity and responsibility are at the heart of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance's approach. We offer simple, clear and reasonable access to various forms of consumer credit and insurance, as well as tailor-made support for each project and each customer profile.

15 million


€90.9 billion

of managed outstandings at the end of 2020

Offers tailored to our customers' projects

At Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, we help our customers make their projects real through a range of personalised offers and services.

For one-time purchases, the versatility of the personal loan

A financing solution with a fixed monthly installment and a fixed term. There are two options: a personal loan provided directly, and loans at the point of sale directly, which are related to the asset sold.

To smooth out spending, the flexibility of revolving credit 

Available directly or at the point of sale, revolving credit provides customers with a sum of money that can be reused as it is repaid to finance purchases. The amount made available determines the maximum repayment period.

To make budgets easier to handle, the simplicity of debt consolidation

Loan consolidation is a single loan that replaces several existing loans. It makes payments easier and clearer for lenders.

Leasing packages in line with new consumption methods

For a growing number of consumers, using an asset (car, high tech, etc.) does not necessarily mean owning it. To meet these new expectations, we offer long-term leasing packages with or without the option to buy.


How does leasing work?

  • Leasing with an option to purchase can be used to buy a vehicle or another asset. The customer receives the asset in return for a monthly rental payment and may buy it at the end of the contract, if so wished.
  • Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance offers both leases with the option to buy and long-term leases to finance the purchase of a vehicle. Long-term leases allow the customer to have use of the vehicle and include services such as maintenance.


To protect yourself and your property: insurance and personal risk solutions

We also offer a diversified range of insurance products covering a large number of needs and life stages.


Supporting our customers in their choices

As a responsible player in the consumer credit market, our loan acceptance procedures help our customers make informed choices. Our teams inform them of the characteristics of the products they are applying for commitments they make, and help them set repayments that are appropriate to their budget.

In France, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance runs a dedicated support agency for customers in financial difficulties. We offer them appropriate solutions based on a personalised analysis of their financial situation. In addition, our financial education efforts allow us to pre-empt difficulties.


The strength of a group in the consumer credit market

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is one of the top 3 consumer credit players in Europe, with almost 10,000 employees in 17 European countries, Morocco and China. We are part of the Crédit Agricole Group, the largest financier of the French economy and one of the leading banks in Europe. Thanks to its local full-service banking model, Crédit Agricole Group supports its customers in their projects in France and around the world.


Making loan applications easier

Our financing and insurance solutions are available through a vast network in France and abroad, in branches and online:


We are also constantly innovating to simplify access to credit in a secure way, through electronic signatures, digitisation of supporting documents, automatic recognition of customers in their personal online space or providing online credit simulations.



Financing solutions for individual customers