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Financing solutions for automotive partners

Leasys by FCA Bank responds to the growing demand for Long Term Rent

Leasys, FCA Bank subsidiary, a 50-50 joint-venture with Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and Fiat Chrysler Automobile, is a key player in the Italian long term rental market. In order to respond to the changes in usage patterns and new expectations from clients, it expands in Europe and conquers new markets.

The stakes

The European automotive market faces rapid transformation. Little by little, ownership looses ground at the benefit of the usage. This is precisely on this activity that FCA Bank is gaining momentum with its solution Leasys.

Our answer

Car drivers are more and more interested in using rather than owning their vehicle. Since 2001, Leasys has developed solutions for long term rental in order to respond to bot hits professionsal and private clients’ needs. In top of Italy, the company is now settled not only in the UK, the most advanced European market for long term rental, but also in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The experience in managing big clients and international companies and satisfying all their needs in terms of models, types, services and brands, makes Leasys a trusted strategic partner to manage your fleet and to deliver mobility solutions.


Leasys offers long term rental and fleet management solutions that ensure an efficient and rational mobility.Contract hire is the ideal solutions for corporations, independent workers and privates that want a new vehicle without all the obligations that the purchase and ownership entails.


  • Fixed costs and clear budgeting
  • No unexpected expense, the instalment is fixed and determined, stemming from the length of the contract (Duration), the anticipated distance (km) and the integrated services
  • No concerns about the future value of your vehicle, at the end of the contract the vehicle is handed back to Leasys, eliminating any risk tied with the sale of the used vehicle
  • No waste of time, the mobility is always guaranteed


Anyone who rents with Leasys, whether a car or an entire fleet, can count on services, performances, warranties, software and web applications that ease the management and control of the vehicles, resulting in time-saving, freedom of mobility and continuity of the service. Furthermore, Leasys offers assistance in selected centers that are constantly monitored in order to ensure the highest qualitative standard, optimizing the duration of the assistance. These Leasys’ features are points of reference for all the activities during the customer journey, including assistance, maintenance, delivery, management of the end of contract and car replacement.

More than 45.000


More than 200.000

vehicles managed across Europe in long term rental