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Sofinco is one of the French leaders in consumer finance. Our mission: to accompany our clients on a daily basis and enable them to give birth to their projects. To achieve this, our expert advisers put together financing solutions tailored to each individual's profile and needs.

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Credit, but not only

Sofinco's offer includes a wide range of products and services: personal loans (car, personal, works...), purchase of receivables, revolving credit with or without a credit card, but also services such as insurance, rental, extended warranties and other benefits at the point of sale.

A committed brand

Through a charter, Sofinco commits itself to its clients throughout the entire customer relationship: from the subscription to the credit refund, taking into account the specificities of each and changes in the situation or project.

An ever closer relationship

Sometimes you need to talk to an adviser or even meet with one, sometimes you want to do it all over the internet. Sofinco adapts to the wishes and needs of its clients, for a 100% digital and 100% human relationship, always closer and always more efficient.

Sofinco means:

  • Sales branches throughout France
  • Dedicated telephone platforms
  • A commercial website: www.sofinco.fr

Smart money, smart life  

The world is moving faster and faster. The times are full of promises and our clients are full of dreams and projects. It is up to us to give them the means to be more agile and quicker to seize opportunities when they arise, without damaging their savings.

We believe that credit is more than ever an essential service, and that, used properly, it can enable our customers to make the most of all that the times have to offer. Every day we work to make Sofinco consumer credit the smart money that lives of today need.

This is what we convey in our advertising signature: « smart money, smart life ». 

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