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CA CF brands' visual identity converges in Europe

A sign of recognition and a single signature that affirms our vision of our business

On 26 September 2017, Sofinco's new brand identity launched the process of converging of the visual identities of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance's brands in Europe. CA Consumer Finance's brands in Europe are harmonised around a strongly recognisable logo and have a single signature affirming their vision of the business and meeting consumers' expectations of simplicity, efficiency and agility.


In a global and digital world, there are no borders. As an international business that has made the digital transformation its priority, CA Consumer Finance has adapted to this new situation. That's why we have incorporated the convergence of our brands' visual identity into the major projects of CA CF 2020, our strategic plan.

Philippe Dumont Chief Executive Officer of CA Consumer Finance

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance's commercial brands' new identity

The "O" shared by all new logos of CA Consumer Finance's European brands forms an "on" button that signifies the launch of a project. The red apostrophe symbolises approval, security, and, by making a outward gesture, an escape from the circle of the routine. The underlining, borrowed from digital language, expresses increased life and emphasises projects.

A new brand platform

This brand platform - logo, signature, design guidelines, advertising - is being translated to other CA Consumer Finance brands in Europe.

A tagline shared

"Smart" is intelligence in the broadest sense. "Smart" is also consistent with the Crédit Agricole Group's Customer Project, which embodies its strategy in organising its transformation and attaining the high relationship standards that its customers expect.


The new brand identity for Sofinco embodies the new trajectory that is driving our business, its strengths and its difference. Our new, incisive and modern signature expresses the partnership that we offer our customers for their projects. Our brand advertising campaign stands as a break with the past and places us at the heart of what the French expect today. 

Stéphane Priami Chief Executive Officer France