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Agos et Carvago: partnership signed for ad hoc financing solutions in the certified purchase and sale of used cars


Milan, 28 April 2022 - Agos, a leading consumer credit company owned 61% by Crédit Agricole through Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and 39% by Banco BPM, has signed a partnership agreement with CARVAGO, a marketplace for buying and selling used cars from all over Europe. offers, in addition to combustion engine cars, a wide and growing range of hybrid and electric models to meet the demand of a market increasingly oriented towards this type of vehicles.

Thanks to the partnership between the two players, all customers interested in purchasing a car among the 750,000 cars on the website will be able to use financing solutions specifically designed and made available by Agos. is the leading European marketplace that, through international partnerships and coverage of 6 European markets including Italy, allows customers to complete the purchase process remotely and in a totally paperless way. Thanks to the collaboration with Agos, it is now possible in Italy to extend this process to credit with remote and 100% paperless financing solutions, all without moving from home, helping to protect the environment.

Carvago builds each step of the process based on the needs of individual consumers, with the aim of simplifying the purchase process, while ensuring high standards of safety and transparency. Each car on sale is subjected to a CarAudit test, a technical inspection of over 270 parameters to guarantee a certified purchase experience



"Speed, digitalisation of processes and customer focus are the three essential requirements that Carvago looks for in its financial partners across Europe. In Italy we chose Agos because of its ability to meet these requirements. Thanks to this partnership, we are now able to offer our Italian customers financing solutions for any type of used car on Europe's largest online marketplace, regardless of their European country of origin".

Antonio Gentile Carvago's Country Manager for Italy



“With this agreement, Agos once again puts the customer at the centre: simplicity and transparency in the financing process, continuous assistance through the support of qualified teams and technological innovation with a wider range of products, bearing in mind its commitment to an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly positioning”.

Valerio Papale Automotive Director of Agos