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  • 2021/02/23
  • 5 min

Fnac Darty has partnered with Sofinco to promote and extend access to Darty Max

Fnac Darty and Sofinco have signed a distribution agreement to increase the roll-out of Darty Max, the subscription-based home assistance service launched by Fnac Darty at the end of 2019. With 200,000 subscribers, Darty Max is a unique, innovative repair service that Fnac Darty intends to promote more widely across new distribution channels.

In the interests of developing and extending Darty Max, bringing it to a wider customer base, Fnac Darty will draw on the expertise brought by Sofinco to popularize the service among consumers. The companies also plan to launch a joint offer of special access to sustainable products and services by supplying credit - even free credit - on "sustainable choice" products.

Enrique Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of Fnac Darty, says: "As a committed retailer and pioneer with regard to extending product life span, Fnac Darty is accelerating the roll-out of services designed with this objective - which is something that Darty Max has come to represent. This collaboration with Sofinco - a traditional partner of Fnac Darty - will allow us to go even further in creating a joint offer for sustainable products and services, combining our expertise in subscription management with that of their customer care excellence and service customization, which will prove beneficial for consumers and product sustainability."

"By putting its expertise at the service of Fnac Darty, Sofinco will be improving access to durable equipment for as many consumers as possible with the roll-out of Darty Max and a new, more favorable credit offer for the most sustainable products. This approach is part of our company-wide project 'Sofinco for Good,' which commits to shared progress," says Stéphane Priami, Chief Executive Officer of CA Consumer Finance Group.



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