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  • 2020/06/29
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Suzuki and Agos: the agreement renewaled in the name of sustainable mobility

Agos and Suzuki renew the agreement concerning the automotive and marine sector. This confirms a historic and consolidated partnership, which is based on almost thirty years of collaboration and today goes in the direction of promoting increasingly sustainable mobility.

From this year, 100% of the Suzuki car range is hybrid and also Agos is working to promote and enhance the combination of environmental and technological performance. This is a perfect example of a "win-win" strategy, which through Suzuki Finance aims to strengthen market shares thanks to innovative and all-embracing financing solutions, such as Suzuki solutions and Agos Self, or proposals directly reserved for dealers such as stock financing.



"It is a great satisfaction to confirm the continuity of this strategic partnership to guarantee customers an increasingly complete and valuable offer. The partnership with Suzuki - which embraces the automotive and marine worlds - is a real synergy that enriches the market and underlines the quality of the relationship, based on common values and awareness of the important role that together our companies can play in directing customers towards sustainable mobility. We focus on the closeness between our realities, which is also achieved through continuous opportunities for comparison and training and the participation and combination of the two brands in important moments and events in the sector."

Dominique Pasquier CEO and General Manager of Agos

"Suzuki chose Agos thirty years ago for financial services dedicated to our customers. In a world where continuity is a value, we celebrate the renewal of the partnership. Agos is always at the forefront both from the point of view of products (for example, the "Suzuki Solutions" allows you to choose whether to keep or resell the car after 3 years, at a predefined price) and from the point of view of technological innovation ("AGOS Self" allows the Suzuki customer to perfect the practice on the Suzuki website). It is therefore no surprise that Agos is the leader in Italy in the financing sector and a strategic partner in the Italian growth of the Suzuki brand.”

Massimo Nalli President of Suzuki Italia


About Agos

Agos has been a financial company on the market for 30 years, in which Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (61%) and Banco BPM (39%) hold interests. Through its over 200 branches in the territory, Agos offers personal loans, special purpose loans, credit cards, salary-backed loans, leasing and insurance. Short response times, effective problem-solving, special attention to customer care together with a continuous search for innovation are some of the company's strengths, which as a strong point of its strategy is to be "100% human and 100% digital".

More information available at www.agos.it and www.agoscorporate.it 


About Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the world's leading car, motorcycles and outboard engines manufacturers. In the automotive sector, the company is currently ranked 8th in the world sales ranking (source: JATO). The company was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki, who, in the town of Hamamatsu, Japan, built a factory for the production of textile looms. In 1920, the company was deeply reorganized for international sales and was renamed Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. In 1954, it changed its name again to Suzuki Motor Corporation Ltd and the following year, in 1955, it produced the first Suzuki branded car, followed in 1970 by Jimny LJ10 series, the first compact 4x4. Since then, its industrial activity in the different sectors has continued its incessant growth, in the motorcycle and marine outboard engine sectors, focusing on values such as reliability, design and innovation.