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Start & Pulse 2019: six winners for the open innovation programme by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

In April 2019, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a major player in consumer credit in Europe, launched the 2019 edition of its international open innovation programme open to start-ups in five different countries. All the winners pitched their solution during CA Consumer Finance's Innovation Day, on December 4.

Building on the success of Start & Pulse 2018, several CA Consumer Finance entities have launched new calls for innovative solutions: Sofinco (France), Agos (Italy), Credibom (Portugal), Creditplus (Germany), GAC-Sofinco (China) and the Corporate Center (steering entity of CA Consumer Finance).

Each entity proposed a theme corresponding to its local issues: How can employees be made aware of cyber security issues and change their behaviour? How to meet operational efficiency requirements? How to offer customers the best multi-channel experience combining physical and digital points of sale? This competition therefore called on start-ups in fields as varied as artificial intelligence, EdTech, cybersecurity, customer experience, etc. 

For this 2019 edition, more than 250 start-ups have registered. Following a pre-selection on the nature of the innovation of the proposed project, its quality and relevance, 42 start-ups remained in the running. Finally, after pitch parties during which the start-ups had to convince the juries, a winner was nominated by each of the six CA Consumer Finance entities that took part in the 2019 edition of Start & Pulse.


"The innovative solutions generated during Start & Pulse 2019 will enable us to fuel our differentiation through innovation, serving our customers and partners."

Philippe Dumont Chief Executive Officer of CA Consumer Finance

Six entities, six calls for projects and six winners

  • In France, Sofinco has chosen Pledg, a start-up aiming to develop payments by installment at the point of sale by offering a virtual payment card without integration with the merchant payment terminal. 
  • In Italy, Agos has selected Instal, an AdTech ("Advertising Technology") company that harnesses the power of mobile data and internal technologies to help companies reach their customers with personalized content.
  • In Portugal, Credibom has turned to Craft AI. Their solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, and creates services that learn continuously, while being distinguished by its ease of use.
  • In Germany, Creditplus has appointed Miss Moneypenny Technologies, a start-up that intelligently manages communication campaigns for customers via Wallet-Pass solutions. 
  • In China, GAC-Sofinco - for its first participation - has selected Situ Vision, a company that integrates artificial intelligence into customer financial underwriting procedures. It has developed a platform that integrates an image recognition solution and an intelligent video signature system.
  • Finally, the Corporate Center, the steering entity of CA Consumer Finance, has appointed My Serious Game, which specialises in digital training via e/micro-learning, serious games and web-series solutions.   

Start & Pulse, a programme that addresses a triple strategic challenge

The six start-ups that won the Start & Pulse competition presented their projects during the Innovation Day, held on December 4 in Massy, at CA Consumer Finance's headquarters. This event was an opportunity to highlight the group's international anchoring in the start-up ecosystem, but also to give visibility to the winners and to promote both exchanges between participants and cross-border synergies.


"With Start & Pulse, the CA Consumer Finance group is nurturing its ambitious approach of Open Innovation and cooperation with innovative ecosystems and start-ups."

Jérôme Hombourger Deputy CEO of CA Consumer Finance, in charge of Development and Strategy

Objective: co-create real innovative solutions

The winners will have the opportunity to test their solutions in practice, build prototypes, establish partnerships with the group's international entities and benefit from the visibility of a major banking institution. CA Consumer Finance teams bring their expertise to the winning start-ups to co-construct real business opportunities with them.



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About Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance:

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Crédit Agricole SA's consumer credit subsidiary, distributes a broad range of consumer credit and related services (in France, principally through its commercial trademarks Sofinco, Viaxel and Creditlift Courtage) for distribution channels as a whole: direct sales, point-of-sale financing (automotive and home appliances) and partnerships. Present alongside major distribution, specialised distribution and institutional brands in the 19 countries where it operates, CA Consumer Finance offers its partners solutions that are flexible, responsible and ideally suited to their needs and those of their customers. Excellence in customer relationships, empowered teams for customers and commitment to society are the pillars that make CA Consumer Finance a group that works every day in the interest of its customers and society. At 31 December 2018, CA Consumer Finance managed €88.5 billion in outstanding loans.

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