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  • 2017/01/02
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The protection of personal data: the Crédit Agricole Group takes a strong stance with the launch of a Charter

The use of personal data is a key social issue and a source of concern for eight out of ten French people. The Crédit Agricole Group is making a commitment for its 52 million clients worldwide by introducing a Charter, to be implemented on 1 January 2017. The Charter is based on five principles: Usefulness and Loyalty, Ethics, Transparency and Information, Control in the Hands of Clients, and Security. The Charter is yet further tangible proof of the Group's determination to be a "true partner" to its clients and reinforce the store of trust it has established.

The Crédit Agricole Group, the leading bank of the French population, has set itself apart by establishing a strong position to protect the personal data of its clients. These data will be used in complete security across the Group with the sole aim of improving the service provided to clients. The Charter, co-built with Crédit Agricole's clients, is based on five principles:

  • Usefulness and Loyalty: the Group commits to using data in the interest of its clients with a view to proposing personalised advice and offers and higher quality service and providing them with everything they need to take well-informed decisions.
  • Ethics: the Group commits to acting in an ethical and responsible manner with regard to personal data and refrains from selling the personal data of its clients.
  • Transparency and Information: the Group commits to explaining how data is used in a clear and transparent manner.
  • Control in the Hands of Clients: the Group commits to leaving the control of their data and the use made of those data up to its clients. In 2017 the Group will be launching a project to create a secure client area dedicated to the management of their data.


Data security remains a Group priority

"In an environment where each person is concerned about the protection of their private lives and personal data, our Charter is based on a strong conviction: the use of data, as part of a clearly established framework, is legitimate only if it serves the interests of our clients. Our aim is to be a 'true partner' of our clients and maintain the strong store of trust placed in the Group," says Bertrand Corbeau, Deputy Managing Director, Head of Development, Client and Innovation at Crédit Agricole S.A.

The Charter will be disseminated to all employees and provided to Group clients by their advisers in key moments of the relationship. It will also be accompanied by a communication campaign for the general public in the course of 2017.


A Charter co-built with the clients of Crédit Agricole

Main phases:

  • Social analysis based on surveys in France and internationally and interviews with experts (academics, IT specialists, sociologists, etc.)
  • Interactions with a panel of French people of all ages and all socio-occupational categories in three French cities (Paris, Nantes, Dijon) to ensure that their concerns are taken into account
  • Participation of the panel in the drafting of the Charter

==> A simple Charter that is understood by all, shared, and responds to the needs of our clients