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At the end of 2018, the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Group tied for the second position among European players on the euro-denominated Consumer Lending securitisation market, and the self-financing rate continued to grow approaching 84%. For the CA Consumer Finance Group, this figure is an assurance of being able to support its customers and partners in each of their projects.

All about CA Consumer Finance funding

The CA Consumer Finance Group deploys various self-funding instruments as part of a policy of diversifying its financing resources: securitisation, repos, issue of NEU-CP, NEU-MTN, and EMTN, as well as an online deposit collection business.


Securitisation is now a major successful lever of external funding for the CA Consumer Finance Group:

  • given its use by all of the group’s main entities, both in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
  • given the characteristics of the transactions carried out: public or private, static or revolving, with or without transfer of risk.


Repo transactions also help to strengthen the group’s liquidity securely, particularly from sales of securities held for selected securitisation transactions.


In France, CACF SA issues NEU-CP (formerly short-term certificates of deposit) as well as NEU-MTN (formerly medium-term marketable securities). FCA Bank in Italy issues Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) through its Irish branch.  


A deposit collection business, today conducted by several entities with institutionals and residents of various countries.

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