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Responsible and committed

Committed to our customers, employees and society

Our commitments in the field of social and environmental responsibility and our day-to-day business reflect our values: proximity, innovation, commitment, team spirit. We are close to our customers and at the heart of society, and we educate consumers about how to budget, prevent excess debt, and support a variety of social actions.

  • Access to credit suited to individual situations

    Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and all its partners offer individuals products tailored to their plans and budget, thanks to detailed knowledge of their needs and situation backed by a personalised financial study.

    When applying for loans, we provide our customers the resources for them to make informed choices. Our teams take care to make them the best offer with payments appropriate to their situation. CA Consumer Finance has harmonised its credit acceptance practices among all its subsidiaries.

    Throughout our customer relationships, we focus on keeping them informed and building a quality relationship (listening, respect, taking into account any temporary difficulties, ethics). To identify customers in financial distress, CA Consumer Finance has a dedicated team that carries out a personalised budget analysis with the customer in order to offer them appropriate solutions:

    • credit renegotiations
    • referrals to outside partners that offer budget support or mediate with lenders
    • support in filing an excess debt claim


    In France, CA Consumer Finance has assisted more than 18 ,000 vulnerable customers by carrying out personalised assessments and by partnering with organisations such as Points Passerelle Crédit Agricole, the Crésus association and Crédit Municipal de Paris.


    budget reviews and analyses carried out in 2019

  • Preventing excess debt through financial and budgeting education

    Being a responsible lender means sharing our expertise with society and helping everyone to improve their budgeting.

    In this vein, we roll out financial education programmes. In Italy, A tu per tu, the programme launched by Agos, helped more than 1,200 students learn how to budget responsibly in 2017. In Germany, Creditplus Bank works with students to help them manage their money and supports the EVA association which offers a variety of workshops to disadvantaged people.

  • Supporting start-ups and new credit trends

    We are open to the world and how it evolves, and we actively encourage innovation, notably through our support for start-ups

    In September 2017, CA Consumer Finance launched Start & Pulse, its first international contest for innovative companies in 5 of its European entities. 314 startups took part of which 5 have been awarded.

    CA Consumer Finance is also giving consumers a voice in France through its SofincoLab, an online collaborative innovation platform supported by its Sofinco brand. Based on the theme 'Imagine your ideal consumer credit, together', the platform, which launched at the end of 2016, aims to create the consumer credit models of the future. It is part of Crédit Agricole's innovation policy and the Customer Project.

  • Fostering our employees' development and commitment

    We can better serve our customers and partners by furthering our employees' development and commitment. Ranked among the best employers in the financial sector in France and Germany, we are committed to developing team spirit and encouraging the diversity that makes our company strong while ensuring that our employees' quality of life continuously improves.

  • Socially engaged in volunteer work

    As part of its overall CSR policy, CA Consumer Finance supports a variety of social and environmental protection initiatives.

    • In Italy, our subsidiary Agos supports Unicef in Sierra Leone with a co-branded credit card and donates 10% of the generated interest. Agos also redistributes unused meals from its company restaurant to the Italian Food Bank to reduce food waste.
    • In France, we are involved in actions to support medical research and patient support, such as Sidaction (major French non governmental organisation against AIDS), the fight against breast cancer with the Odyssea Race, and the financial community's Telethon with the AFM (major French non governmental organisation against myopathy).
    • In Morocco, Wafasalaf has received the CGEM certification for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for its environmental commitment, particularly in terms of energy consumption, and social support for associations working in the field of public education.
    • In China, GAC-Sofinco sponsored the musical and choreographic creation The Red Thread, bringing together able-bodied and disabled French and Chinese artists.
    • Creditplus Bank in Germany and its partner Suzuki have organized two races: the Suzuki CSX-R750 Challenge and the Suzuki Gladius Trophy. One of the brand's motorcycles is auctioned at each race. The amount raised is used to help children suffering from cancer.
  • Committed to gender equality

    Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is committed to gender diversity and equality through agreements signed within the company since 2012.


    In 2020, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance obtained a score of 93/100 in the Gender Equality Index: a result of strong engagement translated into several concrete actions.

    About the Gender Equality Index
    The Gender Equality Index is one of the measures adopted within the framework of a specific French law for the freedom of individuals to choose their career (Loi pour la Liberté de Choisir son Avenir Professionnel) promoted by the Minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, and the State Secretary for Gender Equality, Marlène Schiappa. The law was promulgated on September 5th, 2018. In application of this law, the 1,400 French companies with more than 1,000 employees are required to make public as of 1st March their overall rating, and to take corrective actions if their score is less than 75/100.

    This index allows companies to measure their progress regarding equal pay through five indicators. CA Consumer Finance achieved the highest score on 3 of these 5 indicators: the difference between individual pay rise rates, the promotion rate, and salary increases after maternity leave.

    • differences in salary: 38/40
    • individual pay rises: 20/20
    • promotion rates: 15/15
    • the percentage of employees receiving a rise when they return from maternity leave: 15/15
    • the number of women and men in the top ten wage bracket: 5/10

FReD: a global approach to CSR

CA Consumer Finance is one of 13 Crédit Agricole S.A. entities that has joined its FReD CSR programme. Among the priorities: a responsible purchasing policy, an increase in the number of female executives and a minimum carbon impact reduction of 5%. The average progress rating feeds the FReD index, Crédit Agricole S. A. group's social performance indicator.

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